How To Build Muscle in the Shortest of Times?

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Before starting Upper body muscles building program, one should be clear that building upper body muscles is not just the increase in external body structure of chest muscles, shoulders or biceps; it is also the extension of the internal strength.

How To Build Muscle in the Shortest of Times?

Bench press with dumbbells
Build Muscle

Get started with working out your pectorals. The best way to get stater with your chest muscles is push ups. Make sure however, that you only perform these push-ups slowly. Depending upon your level of strength, you can perform these slow push-ups, either with your knees touching the ground, or alternatively, with only your toes touching the ground for support, if you have more strength. Ideally ladies go for the knee-version of slow push-ups, while gents go for the toe-version, for the simple reason that men have naturally stronger and longer lean muscles in their arms, while women have more of natural fat content in their arms.

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Upper Body Building

This is the perfect exercise for Upper Body Building, as it makes use of your entire body weight to achieve high resistance. Another easier way to do this, if you are just starting out, is to lean against the wall, at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, and then perform these push-ups by pushing your slanting body-weight against the vertical wall. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness in this work out, make sure that you have lowered your body a little. Do this slowly. Once a little lowered, then you can perform a minimum of 12 reps to a maximum of 15 reps.

Upper Body Workouts –

The next variation in upper body work outs, involves performing dips. This is especially effective in working out and toning your triceps. Use a chair or a table or a bench. Face your back to the chair, place your hands on the chair, and bend your knees, with your feet flat on the floor, so that you are in a seating position, while your butts are off the edge of your chair. Now bend your elbows and let your butt go down a couple of inches below the edge of the chair, and feel your triceps getting worked out.

This can also be done with the variation of having your feet stretched together straight ahead on the floor in front of you, while your triceps support your upper body from falling on the floor from the chair or table or bench, while your butt is off the edge of the chair or table or bench. After lowering your butt in this position, pull back up slowly. You can perform two or even three sets of this exercise. Each set must comprise of 12 to 15 reps.

Locate a stationery bar at any entrance, or across the roof, or ceiling or archway, or in any of the constructs of a local children’s park near your house. Once you have located a stationery bar, simply perform chin-ups by hanging from the stationery bar with both your arms, and lifting your body up, by your biceps, to bring your chin to the level of the bar. Pause for a moment, before slowly lowering your body down. Make sure you have a strong grip on the bar with your fingers curled around it. Again you can perform two or even three sets of this exercise, with roughly around 10 to 12 reps.

The above exercise is to be performed, with your hands close together on the bar, to achieve maximum results on your biceps. If the same exercise is performed with both you hands a foot apart, then the same exercise becomes effective in sculpting your back.

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