Understand all about: Gynecomastia

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Attention man who makes use of anabolic steroids. Having a breastplate of dreams requires intense dedication of training and has nothing to do with drug use. Do you want a healed chest or a female breast? It’s your choice!

Gynecomastia. Is that word peculiar? It can be present in your daily life, without you even realizing it. If you are a bodybuilder and live the gym routine (and do everything to make your chest look and be praised), you certainly suffer from this disease, you may suffer or you know someone who carries this fearful unwanted appearance with you. “It is about the growth of breasts of abnormal size in men, very similar to female breasts. This problem can affect one or both breasts, and even when it affects both, they usually grow unevenly.

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How do I develop a female-looking chest?

A nightmare for many men, gynecomastia is linked to varied causes, ranging from hormonal changes, use of medications or drugs to weight changes. It may be related to those who practice weight training. “Practitioners of this modality or not and who use anabolic steroids can evolve with this problem.

Who can have Gynecomastia?

Common at puberty – appearing around the age of 13, gynecomastia usually disappears spontaneously within a short time, with the breasts returning to their normal size. “As for adult men, gynecomastia corresponds to hormonal imbalances of estrogen / testorenone, due to the decrease in the latter and weight variation.

Do physical exercises contribute to an improvement?

Who is overweight and develops this accumulation of fat from the mammary glands can have physical exercise and consequent healthy life, a significant improvement in this appearance that is beyond the aesthetic standards that any man craves.

Treatment exists!

The best way to escape this evil is to prevent it from happening. “The recommendation is that never use anabolic steroids for purely aesthetic purposes for rapid muscle mass gain”, guides Kristen P. Burris. Breast growth can greatly affect male self-esteem and sociability, especially during adolescence. Among the reasons that lead the patient, especially when he is young, to seek treatment is the difficulty in dealing with bullying, because when he takes off his shirt at football, beach or swimming games, it is a laughing matter, precisely because the most evident sign it is the excessive volume of the breasts.

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