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8 Tips To Keep Ourself Fit Against Corona

The current corona crisis generally does not give us a ton of exercise. But it also remains important to train a little more than your typing thumb alone. In addition, your mental health could use a little extra attention in these weird times. How do you stay healthy and fit when you’re at home all day? We have collected eight tips for you to prevent your fitness from deteriorating during these weeks. Nothing new under the sun, but be honest … Do you really stick to it? Healthy food It goes without saying that if you only work at home, you will also eat other things. And after a survey, it turns out: these are rarely bananas and apples. Finally, you can skip that bag of M & Ms carefree, without disapproving (or jealous) looks from colleagues! However tempting, try to stick to your own regular diet. And do not eat more than before, because you already exercise less. Try to move a bit more Sport is good for everyone, that is nothing new. But when you sit at home so much and you cannot go outside much, you also get much less exercise. Therefore, go extra sports. Try putting together a fitness program at home or go walking, running or cycling outside. At social distance of course. This way you stay fit and you get through this period healthy. Alternate nice things with less nice things Let’s deal with it: working from home can sometimes be downright boring. Without the daily gossip at the coffee machine, the day suddenly takes a long time. Therefore try to combine the useful with the pleasant. Make a schedule for yourself and reward yourself with an episode of your favorite series after a few hours of work. Stay social Even though we may