HCG Diet Drops Reviews

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Before you commit to spending money on any diet product, it’s important to research carefully and find out as much as you can about your chosen weight-loss aid. The key things to remember about hcg diet drops are that:

  • They are based on a naturally occurring human hormone.
  • They can help you lose weight dramatically (up to 1lb a day), and they help you beat cravings and teach you to rethink your attitudes to portion size.

When you embark on an HCG diet plan, you know that it will fit into your busy modern lifestyle because it doesn’t require you to start an intensive exercise regimen, you can carry hcg drops with you and you don’t need medical expertise to take them.

HGC Reviews: check before you buy

The dramatic weight-loss you can achieve on the hcg plan has of course attracted a lot of publicity. Unfortunately, this means that there are some unlicensed traders on the internet hoping to cash in on the popularity of hcg diet drops. Check carefully before you buy: can you see the ingredients label? You may be able to identify amino acids including L-Carnitine and Beta Alanine and inactive ingredients that help absorption of the HCG into your bloodstream, including water and grain alcohol.

What should you do before starting an hcg diet?

Obviously it’s a good idea to read hcg reviews. Also it’s wise to consult your physician, as you would if you were embarking on any diet plan. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you shouldn’t take part in an hcg diet plan. Also be aware that it may not be suitable for people who suffer from an overactive thyroid.

Remember too that HCG diet drops are so effective as a weight-loss aid because you use them alongside a strict diet protocol, during which your calorific intake is limited to 500 per day. HCG drops work by suppressing hunger and sending messages to your hypothalamus so your body plunders existing fat stores for its nutritional and energy needs. This means you lose fat rather than muscle and the drops stop your body from reacting badly to a dramatic reduction in its daily calories.

HCG Drops Reviews

Here’s what some HCG users have said about hcg diet drops and the hcg diet

“I was skeptical about hcg because i’ve tried like a hundred diets already. But I was desperate to lose 40 pounds i gained during pregnancy so I ordered HCG drops. Starting the 500-calorie diet I thought I’d feel nauseated or fatigued but i was fine. After three weeks, I’ve actually lost 18lbs which I’m so proud of. The other thing is now I’m thinking more about the size of what I eat and what I’m actually eating each meal so I think that’s good news for the future.” Lisa

“I had to write you because I’m on day five of my HCG diet and I already lost 6lbs. This is amazing. My friends ask me if I’m tired because I’m not eating so much but actually I feel really energized. I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of the plan.” Sheree

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