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Breast Lift Exercises – Is it possible to Enlarge the Breasts?

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Is it possible to enlarge the breasts with exercise? What breast augmentation exercises can I do at home or at the gym?

The breasts are formed by glands and not muscles, but under the breasts are the pectoral muscles . By developing and increasing the volume of these muscles, the breast tissue will be “pushed” out , not actually increasing the size of the breasts, but giving the impression that the breasts are larger . And for some women, this is enough.

The recommended then is to do chest exercises for muscle hypertrophy. Muscle hypertrophy is nothing more than an increase in muscle. To achieve this goal, exercises with a high load and few repetitions must be performed.

In practice, it is best to do 3 or 4 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions with the maximum weight you can do, with 45 to 90 seconds of rest between sets. Doing 2 or 3 different exercises, two or three times a week (always with at least 24 hours of rest), is enough. To optimize the results of the exercises to increase breasts, have a balanced diet and rich in protein, get hydrated and see our food tips to increase breasts.

Exercises to Lift Breasts at Home

# 1 – Push-up

Stay on your stomach, resting on your knees, with your palms on the floor at the height and direction of your shoulders. Then go down until the arm almost makes a 90 degree angle and then go up to the starting position.

As your muscle develops, you need to increase the load (weight). If it is easy it means that there will be no increase in muscle volume.

This exercise has no weight, but you can increase the difficulty of the exercise if you support your feet instead of your knees, as shown in the photo below, and to continue increasing in the future, place increasingly heavy objects on your back.

# 2 – 45 degree pushup

Flexing your arms at a right angle (resting on the floor) works your chest muscles differently than doing your body at a 45-degree position. The principle is the same, but this time you will do the exercise supported by the bathroom or kitchen sink, some bench, table etc. As long as you flex your arms, your body is in a 45 degree position, as shown in the photo above.

# 3 – Bench press with dumbbells


Lie on your back with your arms spread at a 90 degree angle holding weights in your hands. If you have no weights, use cans of peas or any objects of equivalent weight. Remember that you should increase your weight whenever exercise becomes easy.

Lift the weights until the arms are straight towards the shoulders and lower to the starting position.

# 4 – Crucifix

The crucifix resembles the bench press with dumbbells. The main difference is that instead of taking the arms to a 90 degree angle, the arm is more extended, but not fully stretched. As if it were the movement of a hug, but with the elbows slightly bent.

# 5 – Sit-ups

Exercises for the chest muscles do not act on the breasts themselves, but pushes them out giving the impression of greater volume. The same happens if you decrease your belly size. A smaller, more healed belly will give the impression of larger breasts. Abdominal exercise should be done lying down. Lie down with your knees bent and with your arms crossed in X over your chest. You can also place your hands on the back of your neck, but do not use your hands to push your head. The trunk should then be lifted as high as possible without removing the back from the ground.

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