10 Antioxidant and Yummy Juices

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As much as we try to eat properly, we always end up making some mistakes, other times we are under strong psychological or emotional pressure, sometimes we also have to take some medication, and so many other things end up intoxicating our organism.

Without being very aware of what may be happening, we ended up producing toxins, releasing such harmful free radicals .

Of course, the change in habits and daily routine, when possible, will help to improve these adverse conditions, but we can give our body a boost by consuming antioxidant and delicious juices, made from elements of nature, which will promote an internal cleansing, eliminating all these toxins from our body.

These antioxidant juices are powerful allies of our daily health, and with common ingredients, easily found in grocery stores, street markets and supermarkets.

A curiosity: one of the simplest and most affordable antioxidant juices is lemon with water , with no added sugar. If taken on an empty stomach, even better.

If it is possible to use organic products in these recipes, much better, but if that is impossible, be sure to make them anyway.

Obviously, the suggestion of antioxidant juices concerns domestic preparations, prepared on the spot. Industrialized products will surely bring as many undesirable toxins, therefore it is recommended to avoid them.

Tips For All Antioxidant Juices

  • Peel, squeeze, slice or chop fruits, vegetables, greens only when preparing the juice. This should not be done in advance so that these foods do not enter the oxidation process.
  • Try to do only what will be consumed. Discard what’s left. Fresh processed foods lose their nutritional properties over time.
  • The addition of refined sugar should preferably be discarded. It is possible to sweeten them with honey, however, this always means an increase in calories .
  • Unstained juices will be an extra source of fiber.
  • Give preference to seasonal fruits and vegetables at the height of your harvest. At this stage, they are better, cheaper and with more quality.
  • Use filtered water, and if you choose mineral water, it must be without gas.
  • Antioxidant juices should not be used as main meals.
  • There are other foods that may not be part of these recipes, but that have antioxidant characteristics that can be used in substitutions, or even inclusions in the recipes. They are: beet, watercress, carrot, cucumber, papaya, kale, persimmon, green vegetables, fibers (oats, flaxseeds), condiments (cinnamon, cloves, ginger), energy drinks (ginseng, guarana).
  • An important tip: note the ingredients that were used in the juice so as not to repeat them during the other meals on the same day. Try to balance

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