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The E-factor Diet Review – How Does It Work?

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Losing weight is probably one of the most challenging things to accomplish. When we get older, our metabolism also slows down — just adding to it.

It used to be easy to shed some pounds when I was still in my 20s. But now that I am in my mid-30s, even if I eat less than I think when I was in my 20s, I still gain weight. The thing is, it is also hard to trim down and get the weight I desire.

In order to lose weight, I succumb to weight loss programs, fad diets and the like. I tried several already and some work but most do not.

Imagine the amount of money I have already spent just to achieve the body I want. I know, proper exercise and diet are essential so I make sure I follow this.

In my quest to give you the best review on weight loss programs, I have come across the E-Factor Diet e-book. So what is the E-Factor Diet? How is this different from all the other diet e-books available out there?

I have a copy of it to find out if it really works. Read on.

What is the E-Factor Diet?

It is an E-book available online for a minimal fee of $30. It speaks of the different guidelines essential to losing weight which we will talk more about later.

It is a program where you “act” as the coach so you can lose the weight you have gained over the years. It will not ask you to limit yourself from eating what you want, instead, it will teach you what food to eat at the right time.

The E-book is also easy to understand. No deep-sounding words that are hard to decipher and follow.

It also totally helps that the author is well-known Fitness and Nutrition expert, John Rowley. He has been featured in several TV shows including Martha Stewart and Fox News.

He used to be overweight himself and decided to have a happier and healthier lifestyle. When he reached that goal, he wanted to share what he knows to a lot of people.

He knows what it feels like to be overweight, so this makes him a credible person to follow. He is also known to be the co-author of a highly successful workout program, Old School New Body.

Because of this, the E-book sounds really promising.

How Does the E-Factor Diet Work?

E-Factor stands for the 4-Es.

Energetic Foods– this is the first group in the E-Factor Diet. The Ebook teaches us the proper energetic foods to take in the morning since we need enough energy to last us throughout the day. Taking this kind of food at night, is not advisable. If you ever experience waking up in the morning, feeling sluggish, you have probably eaten the wrong kind of food in the morning.
Endothermic Foods– considered as the perfect breakfast food. This kind of food boosts the immune system and burns fat naturally. The author also stresses out that you avoid histamine- producing foods. This will make you feel bloated and will make you feel larger than usual. This is referred to as a bee sting reaction in the E-Factor Diet.
Enzymatic Foods– Food in this category contains lots of enzymes which help boost the immune system. The E-Factor Diet will teach you on what kind of food are in this category paired with two fruits. This will help the body lose fat naturally.
Enjoyment Factor- this is the most important category in the E-Factor Diet. Enjoyment will make you stick to the diet plan.
With this, the author John Rowley designed a Diet Guide that you can follow easily. Through this, you can turn on your fat burning hormones and make you feel energetic all day. Balance is key in the E-Factor Diet.

Now let us check out the Pros & Cons of this program.

Pros & Cons

Fast Results– this is where it differs from other weight loss programs. It helps increase your metabolism and helps improve your hormonal balance. Say goodbye to unnecessary cravings.
Everything is Covered– It has all the information you need. What food to eat, what diet supplement to take, the exercises to follow, meal plan, cheat day guide and more.
Great Price– the price is already discounted but it gives you more than what you pay for. You get a ton of bonuses with full support from John Rowley and his team.
John Rowley is a Credible Author– He has more than a decade of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. He also appeared in many television shows. He authored two more books other than this, both were also successful.

The Cons

Changes in the Habits are Needed– the E-Factor Diet will only work if you make a conscious decision to change your habits. Otherwise, it will not work for you.
A Lot of Materials to Cover– There are a lot of guides and readings to go through. You can avoid being overwhelmed by choosing only what you feel is applicable for you at the moment then work your way from there.
Digital Download Only– this is only available as a digital download. Those who are expecting to have the hard-bound edition will be disappointed.

Should I Buy the E-Factor Diet?

For only around $30, I would recommend buying the Ebook, after all, if you follow it diligently, you will get the results you want. I applied the principles to myself and I am impressed with the outcome.

The eBook is also applicable to busy people who have no time to exercise regularly. Although it endorses a good exercise program, it does not necessarily push you do this. You can still lose weight even without hitting the gym. Sounds awesome, right?

The E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook
The E-Factor Grocery Guide
The E-Factor Meal Planning Blueprint
Cheat Your Way Trim

If you are not satisfied with it, the E-Factor Diet E-book also comes with a money-back guarantee — making it risk free for you.

I’m sure you are now curious about this, so why not get the E-book and see for yourself. This might be the weight loss program you have been waiting for.

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