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How Long Does It Take To Burn 5 Pounds

In this article, I explain how long it takes to burn 5 pounds of body fat. Many cyclists like to cycle in the mountains / hills. In this case, losing weight next to training is a big goal. For example, a 75 kg rider can climb a 10 km or 8% climb 1 minute faster with the same effort. The key is to burn your fats safely. Are you losing weight too quickly? Then this has adverse consequences. Read on quickly and draw your conclusions from my article. You can also take a look at comparison on fat loss vs weight lossĀ  for correct way of burning fat and lose weight. BURN 1 POUND OF BODY FAT AND CALORIES Losing weight and burning fat is about a negative energy balance. If you eat below your calorie requirement, you will lose weight! Many articles indicate that 1 pound of body fat is 9000 calories, but this is not correct! The body fat stored in the human body is approximately 87% fat and the rest is fluid. This means that 5 pounds of stored body fat consists of about 870 grams of fat. 1 gram of fat provides about 9 calories. The simple math – 870 grams of fat * 0 calories = 7800 – teaches you to eat 7800 calories less than you need . HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO BURN 1 POUND OF BODY FAT? Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to burn fat. On the contrary! A guideline in nutrition and diet is to create an energy shortage of about 20% based on your daily body needs. Suppose your need is 2500 calories, then you are about 500 calories below, so 2000 calories. So it takes 15 days – 7800 calories: 500 calories –