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How Long Does It Take To Burn 5 Pounds

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In this article, I explain how long it takes to burn 5 pounds of body fat. Many cyclists like to cycle in the mountains / hills. In this case, losing weight next to training is a big goal. For example, a 75 kg rider can climb a 10 km or 8% climb 1 minute faster with the same effort.

The key is to burn your fats safely. Are you losing weight too quickly? Then this has adverse consequences. Read on quickly and draw your conclusions from my article. You can also take a look at comparison on fat loss vs weight loss  for correct way of burning fat and lose weight.

Burn One Pound of Body Fat & Calories

How Long Does It Take To Burn 5 Pounds
How Long Does It Take To Burn 5 Pounds

Losing weight and burning fat is about a negative energy balance. If you eat below your calorie requirement, you will lose weight! Many articles indicate that 1 pound of body fat is 9000 calories, but this is not correct! The body fat stored in the human body is approximately 87% fat and the rest is fluid. This means that 5 pounds of stored body fat consists of about 870 grams of fat. 1 gram of fat provides about 9 calories. The simple math – 870 grams of fat * 0 calories = 7800 – teaches you to eat 7800 calories less than you need .

How to Lose will it Take to Burn One Pound of Body Fat?

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to burn fat. On the contrary! A guideline in nutrition and diet is to create an energy shortage of about 20% based on your daily body needs. Suppose your need is 2500 calories, then you are about 500 calories below, so 2000 calories. So it takes 15 days – 7800 calories: 500 calories – to burn 5 pounds of fat .

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What are the Consequences If You Lose Weight Too Fast?

As mentioned above, it is wise to eat around 20% below your needs. That means that you will lose about 400 grams to half a kilogram of body fat per week. In the beginning, this often goes faster, because then often moisture also decreases. Below I explain why it is not useful to lose weight quickly.

Low Carbohydrate Diet to Burn Body Fat

With a low-carbohydrate diet you limit eating bread, rice and pasta. Less than 30% of your total diet consists of carbohydrates. A low-carb diet is not very healthy. The danger of a low carbohydrate diet is going to lose a lot of moisture, which is not ideal for the body is . So if you consume less than 30% of carbohydrates, the ratio in weight loss is not the perfect body fat and moisture. In addition, you become dull and energy-free if you consume too few carbohydrates.

And for cyclists and any other endurance athlete, a low-carbohydrate diet is very unwise. If you cycle a lot you burn a lot of calories. For optimal performance it is important that your glycogen stock is maintained. A too low glycogen stock also causes a slower recovery.

Losing Weight Too Quickly – Losing Muscle Mass

Your body can only lose a certain amount of fat mass in a given time. It is difficult to say how much this is because it depends on the person in question. If you have more fat you can also lose weight faster, if your diet is optimally in order you can also lose weight faster to lose little or no muscle mass. This therefore depends on several factors.

Another disadvantage of losing weight too quickly is that your body enters the energy saving mode. Your body becomes more difficult to deal with calories the more you start eating ‘normally’ and then it converts into body fat faster. The well-known yo-yo effect.

You Don’t Get Enough Nutrients –

Your body needs fiber, vitamins and minerals to function optimally. Think of concentrating on your work, feeling fit and energized. Especially for avid cyclists it is essential to get enough nutrients. The quality of your diet becomes even more important if you want to exercise a lot and lose weight. This means sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. In this case, it may make sense to take supplements to get enough vitamins and minerals.

Final Comment

A perfect diet is that you do not mentally realize that you are losing weight, because you have changed your diet and even notice that you can function and exercise fitter, more energetic and better. Look for a healthy diet in which you get enough fiber, vitamins and minerals and also enjoy them. And now and then reward yourself with a cheat day in which you eat a nice bowl of chips, a tasty cake or something unhealthy.

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