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Does Fat Increase Breast Size?

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Does getting fat increase your breasts? Is it worth it to gain a few pounds to finally increase the size of your breasts?

Getting fat is one of the ways we know that it actually makes the breasts bigger . The breast is composed of fat, mammary glands and collagen (tissue that keeps them firm). So if you increase your body’s fat deposits, the fat in your breasts will increase as well.

Does Fat Increase Breast Size?

Does Fat Increase Breast Size

We are used to seeing overweight women with full breasts. But many of them would lose a large volume in the breasts if they lost weight, that is, if you are thinking of putting on weight to increase the breasts and then lose weight, know that the fat of the breasts is eliminated in the same way.

And you will most likely have stretch marks on your breasts and other parts of the body due to this accordion effect.

Another important detail to note is that increasing the deposits of adipose fat tissue will not bring you those firm breasts as you dream. The volume may increase, but the fat by its nature is not as firm as the muscles.

Breast augmentation when gaining weight will vary greatly from woman to woman. There are women who gain weight first in the belly, thighs, hips, arms … so it depends on the woman’s biotype.

Generally, women who already have a tendency to accumulate fat in the breast area already have large breasts, and when they get fat the breasts increase even more.

It is not recommended for skinny women to try to put on weight to increase breasts. The increase in most cases will be imperceptible.

It is necessary to focus on more specific solutions for the breast region, either through food to enlarge the breasts , exercise , or through a method to enlarge the breasts naturally .

But… is it worth getting fat to increase breasts?

Most women dissatisfied with the size of their breasts develop low self-esteem. Fattening can increase the size of the breasts a little, but it also increases (and probably in greater proportions) the size of the legs, belly, butt, breeches etc. You may be exchanging one problem for another. Know that there is a greater proportion of overweight women with low self-esteem than women who want to enlarge their breasts.

Not to mention the most important: Health !

The most important asset that we humans possess is our health. We know that overweight people are at the top of the lists of susceptibility to diseases and health problems: heart, lungs, arteries, diabetes are just a few.

Putting on weight for aesthetic reasons, whether to increase breasts or any other reason such as enlarging your buttocks or legs, will certainly be a strategy that doctors, nutritionists and physical educators would not approve of.

That is, in view of so many facts and risks, we can conclude that it is not worth it. Fattening increases the breasts in proportion to the increase in fat in other parts of the body, and has far more bad than good consequences, especially for health.

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